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2022.01.03 polarhome R.I.P - this is the end of 22 years long open-shell journey... with total of more than 200k users on 40+ servers. The main reason is the lack of interest - both from the administrators and users' side as well. It costs a lot to run an environment like this in maintaince hours, hardware and eletricity... the demand and offer ratio does not justify the existence. polarhome was very usefull back in the time, but today, in era of virtualization and emulatios it lost the importance.
The system will be up from time to time to help open source development - but it is closed to the public.
2021.03.15 solaris one disk died. Disks die from time to time and it will take some time to replace and restore.
2020.09.07 polarhome web server was down for few days. One disk died. Disks die from time to time :( and this incident was taken as a warning sign to create something more robust - if time allows.
2020.06.03 polarhome sufferend a major power outage (with other 12.000 households) that damaged the equipment causing downtime for few days. Most of it has been repaired or replaced by now.
2020.03.25 solaris problem with the crashed second disk is solved. MySQL database, mail, solaris studio complier, CSW packages are functional again.
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polarhome EVENTS
2006.07.19 Wed 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT) - ask service related questions - talk to polarhome admins on IRC - event is CLOSED. Chat NOW.

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Welcome to polarhome.com.

You use IPv4 protocol. [more]
Hostname : ec2-44-222-64-76.compute-1.amazonaws.com
IP address:
polarhome.com is a non commercial, educational effort for popularization of shell enabled operating systems and Internet services, offering shell accounts, development environment, mail and other online services on all available systems (currently on different flavours of Linux, MacOS X, OpenVMS, Solaris, OpenIndiana, AIX, QNX, IRIX, HP-UX, Tru64, SCO OpenServer, UnixWare, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly/BSD, MirBSD, Ultrix, Minix, GNU Hurd, Syllable and OPENSTEP ).

Since year 2000, polarhome.com became a demo site for Linux power and other Unix like systems popularization; unique multi-platform open source development realm and symbol for online freedom, feelings and other activities.

Note: this site is continuously under construction and running on slow lines and low capacity servers that have been retired, therefore as a non commercial site user/visitor, nobody should have too high expectations in any meaning of the word.
Even if polarhome.com does all to provide services on professional level, users should not expect more than "AS-IS".

polarhome.com is a distributed site, but more than 90% of the polarhome realm is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Who can use the system?
This is an absolutely free and open system - open for everybody. There are just 3 rules:

  • Have full respect to other users (they want to feel themselves free as well)
  • Nobody can be destructive in any sense of the word.
  • Knowledge, optimism and love is must (there is no tolerance for decadence)
...so if you feel that you can live with these rules, you are absolutely welcome.

Who can not use this system?
(these users abused the polarhome's hospitality and are not welcome here any more)
- denied hosts
- denied users

What this system can not offer?
- professional ISP service quality
- host for huge sites
- DoS, SYN attack base/node
- host for remote attacks
- vhost and fake identity
- mail relay host, spam source
- host for SETI@home and such CPU eating projects
- host for mining BitCoin, LiteCoin etc
- mp3 and other multimedia media file distribution
- media broadcast services

Where are you from?
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Web polarhome.com

What can this system offer?
- Linux, Solaris, OpenVMS, QNX
- FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, IRIX
- AIX, HP-UX and many more hosts
- Anonymous FTP
- Private user FTP
- Personal home page
- Email @polarhome.com
- Spam "black hole"
- POP3/IMAP client
- IMP based WebMail
- 200Mb free disk space
- 20Mb for mail and database
- POP3 and IMAP account
- Spam/Virus free e-mail
- Perl, PHP, CGI web environment
- Kerberized local hosts
- Useful network queries
- Lot of documentation
- Official mirrors
- Culture of net usage
- Mailing lists
- CVS mirrors
- IRC and MUD servers
- IRC proxy, bouncer, bots
- Native IPv6 network environment
- IPv6 vhosts and direct access
- MySQL database account
- Support for development
- No forced advertising
- No spyware

What are the benefits?
polarhome.com users enjoy benefits from other organizations that are not necessarily related to polarhome services, but they appreciate polarhome's effort and input to open source community by providing their products to polarhome users.

Where can you ask questions, report problems?
If you have any problem or question, please try to find answer in polarhome FAQ.
If FAQ fails, ask some moderator at polarhome community forum.
Other questions, opinion or suggestion please, send to support@polarhome.com or fax to +1 772 325 8221 (eFax account).
Report service abuse to abuse@polarhome.com or through the abuse form.
Please, always quote date and time, timezone, username and polarhome hostname or URL - if available - and attach as many logs as possible.

How much does it cost?
polarhome provides services for FREE - except shell and CGI access. It costs a symbolic 10 local currency units per username, per host... but at least 2 USD value in local currency (when 10 local currency units value is less than 2 USD).
It sounds strange, but the principle is very simple, intentionally created to suite to everybody but avoid abuse in the same time. Please note: it is symbolic, one time fee.
Please, read carefuly the shell policy.

How to access?
Use IPv6 network to directly access servers that has IPv6 services developed and enabled.
Use gateway server gate.polarhome.com to access servers within polarhome realm using IPv4. You can find detailed description at the port list.

How to contribute and help keeping this system alive?
You can contribute in many different ways... read more about in sponsors page.

polarhome.com is a community driven project. Therefore, everything what happens here and how will it look like in the future - is up to you.

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